Welcome to Magazine Lake Tahoe
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Magazine Lake Tahoe, a new and unique online publication scheduled for release within the next six months. The information provided here is designed to give you some insight into our thought process as we refine the content and format of the publication prior to release. Our main goal will be to provide an online magazine that is fun, entertaining, educational, informative, efficient and helpful. The magazine will be dynamic and ever evolving in nature as we seek to provide you with content that is meaningful and appropriate.

A Unique, Sophisticated, Travel Oriented Publication

As our desire to provide a unique, sophisticated, travel oriented publication began to take shape our thoughts quickly began to transcend what is currently available in the online world. Although the magazine will be highly focused on the Travel and Hospitality industry this product will be uniquely different as a source of information. Our magazine will feature content that is specific to individual destination cities providing insight that is useful to both business and leisure travelers. In addition to being a great resource for visitors our intention is also to provide local businesses with a cutting edge platform to market their individual business. It is also our intention to provide exciting content that speaks of the community itself and tries to convey a deeper understanding of the destination represented by Magazine Lake Tahoe.

A Media Rich Publication
We sincerely hope that our efforts will be well received by the traveling public and the local residents of our selected destinations. We will feature a media rich publication telling a story through videos, photographs, regional maps, local writers and business owners that contribute to the fabric of the communities. We will also seek to engage our audience in a highly interactive fashion which in many ways will help us in the evolution and community focus of our publication. Above all we will be guided by a high level of integrity that will always be evident in the content that we provide in “our” magazine. The “our” here refers to the publishers and the individual communities represented. This preliminary site will be continually updated as the final release date of Magazine Lake Tahoe approaches.


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